Subject Re: [ib-support] IB6 NT configuration question
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:18 AM 06-12-00 +0000, you wrote:
>Please excuse the rank newbie question, but I'm sure I'm missing
>It's taking IBConsole a LONG time to log in to a remote server.
>I've installed IB6 on our NT 4 (SP6) Server and configured it to use
>Ive installed IBClient, Local IB and IBConsole on one of our
>IBConsole is VERY responsive when logging in to the local server. It
>is dog-slow when logging into the remote server. It does eventually
>log in. Connecting to a database on the server takes a similarly
>long time but is also, eventually, successful.
>I'm pretty sure this can't be normal, but poring over the IB6 docs
>hasn't revealed anything helpful.

No, it's not really an IB issue, it's a protocol issue.

However, in the Ops Guide, you should have come across the details for
setting up the server on NT, from the point of view of the server itself
and of clients. Take the time to read the chapter on "Network
Configuration" and "Connection Troubleshooting".

On your client machine, set up a record in the HOSTS file (which you will
find in your winnt\system32\drivers\etc directory) that identifies the
server by its IP number on your network and assigns a server name for
it. If the server doesn't have a name, that's fine, just make one
up. Don't use Localhost though.

Here is the entry from my HOSTS file for my Linux box, which is networked
to my NT workstation via a crossover cable: coolduck # Linux server

But the same box (dual boot) also doubles as my Windows server for IB 5.6,
so I have this entry as well: COOL DUCK # Windows server

The server has to identify itself in its services file with an entry like this:

gds_db 3050/tcp #InterBase Server

It should have been put there by the installation program but it won't hurt
to check.

Make sure the connection string to the database is in the format

(where D is the drive designator from the server's point of view - no
mapped drives).

Don't use UNC paths.

This UNC-notated path will try to connect you via NetBeui (not desirable):

You might also find it worthwhile to push TCP/IP up to the top of your
protocol priority list on the client machine, to discourage it from trying
to connect through NetBeui before it tries TCP/IP...

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