Subject Re: [ib-support] Locking records with IBX
Author Robert F. Tulloch

I think the record IS locked when you edit it. You need to set
WAIT in transaction
params (See <--- below) to avoid a deadlock error.

EmbededSQLGuide says:

Isolation Level SNAPSHOT provides a view of the database at
the moment this transaction starts, but
prevents viewing changes made by other
active transactions.
transactions from making changes to tables
that this transaction is reading and
updating, but permits them to read rows in
the table.
READ COMMITTED reads the most recently
committed version of a row during updates
and deletions, and allows this transaction to
make changes if there is no update conflict
with other transactions.
Determines this transaction’s interaction with other
simultaneous transactions attempting to access the
same tables.
READ COMMITTED isolation level also enables a user to
specify which version of a row it can read. There are two
• RECORD_VERSION: the transaction immediately reads
the latest committed version of a requested row, even
if a more recent uncommitted version also resides on
• NO RECORD_VERSION: if an uncommitted version of the
requested row is present and WAIT lock resolution is
specified, the transaction waits until the committed
version of the row is also the latest version; if NO WAIT is
specified, the transaction immediately returns an error
(“deadlock”) if the committed version is not the most
recent version.