Subject validation of DB server using pyhton test suite
Author mathiaschoquetactia

- We created a crypted server from the Firebird
- To do this, we created a plugin named (fbcrypt.dll) containing our encryption key.

- This server is running (we use it).

- We tried to validate this server with the following python test:
1) test suite : svn://
2) python driver :

- We started this test with python 2.7 on a server and a non crypted DB (succesful).
- Then we managed to encrypt the DB test (fbtest.fdb) by extraction using FlameRobin then recreating using our crypted server.
- This DB is correct (tested).
- Our problem is the following:
When connecting our encrypted DB to our crypted server, the plugin is identified fbcrypt (jrd.cpp line 4937: PluginManager :: enginePluginManager () findPlugin (CRYPT_IMAGE).) But it is not used for the connection to the DB.

We noticed that the "option.get" function (jrd.cpp line 800) returns a dpd filled with the key (options.dpb_key.hasData () = true) with our tests (developed in C) structure, but this structure is not filled with the key with the python tests.

How can I ensure the fbcrypt plugin is used to the connection?