Subject Re: [firebird-python] Re: Can't install fdb 0.8.5
Author Pavel Cisar
Dne 19.7.2012 17:59, skoczian napsal(a):
>> The error means that ctypes (standard Python module) can't open
>> the Firebird client library. I think it's famous Win7 Unauthorized
>> Access protection at fault here.
> That would have been nice, because in that case I should have
> succeeded installing with admin rights, shouldn't I? But I got the
> same exception when I tried that.

FDB 0.8.5 was tested on WinXP SP3 + Python (from ActiveState) +
FB 2.5.1 with no problems at all. So it's either a bug in ctypes in
Python 3.2.3, which is very unlikely (AFAIK there were no changes in
ctypes between 3.2.2/3.2.3), or it's something weird in your Firebird
installation, as ctypes can't open the fbclient.dll. Do you have 64-bit
Firebird while 32-bit Python (or vice versa) by any chance?

You may test the problem directly from your Python, simply try next:

import ctypes
fb_library = ctypes.WinDLL('/path/to/fbclient.dll')

best regards
Pavel Cisar