Subject FDB release 0.7.2 is out
Author Pavel Cisar
Hi all,

Thanks to Philippe Makowski who joined the FDB dev. team we can announce
the release of v0.7.2 with full support for Python 3! Beside that you
can also enjoy support for Distributed Transactions. It's based on
KInterbasDB support for DT (ConnectionGroup class) with small
improvement. KDB uses connection cursors and main_transaction to perform
operations in DT. FDB uses slightly different (and IMHO more natural and
flexible) approach. Cursors that operate within DT are obtained through
ConnectionGroup.cursor(connection) calls, and are independent from
connection cursors. So FDB follows the rule that cursor/transaction
context is set by context of cursor() call:

1. Connection.cursor() - main connection transaction
2. Transaction.cursor() - this transaction
3. ConnectionGroup.cursor(connection) - distributed transaction

Main target for next version: support for Firebird Events.

best regards
Pavel Cisar
for FDB dev. team