Subject pyfirebirdsql
Author Philippe Makowski
Hi all,


First thanks Hajime Nakagami for your job

I really thinks that we need to put our effort on this driver so it
became the Firebird Python driver instead of Kinterbasdb

here few points I saw :

- need a change in so install work
- transactions parameter we need the possibility to send custom
transaction parameter buffers, for what I saw today transactions are
(isc_tpb_write, isc_tpb_wait, isc_tpb_read_committed, isc_tpb_rec_version)
- need documentation
- can we extend it or create a new module to work with trace api ?

Can we organize the work ?
do we let the code in github ?
do we put the code inside the Firebird project ?
are some of us ready to work on ?

Hajime Nakagami, can you give us your feeling and some indication on how
to proceed ?


ps after a small change in I will certainly package it for
Mageia and Fedora

Philippe Makowski
Supporting users of Firebird
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