Subject pyfirebirdsql 0.6.0 is out (Re: [firebird-python] Pyfirebirdsql : things to do)
Author Hajime Nakagami
Hi all

I have released 0.6.0 now.

I't still alpha status. services and transaction management is incomplete.
0.6.0 is different from 0.5.0 heavily, so I decide to release current snapshot.
I think this release work about services and transaction management
but partially

I hope make patchs from this release, please.

Best Regards

2011/10/24 Philippe Makowski <makowski@...>:
> Hajime Nakagami  [2011-10-24 12:03] :
>> Hi, Philippe and others
>> I am trying  add prepared statements management.
>> I think driver can prepare management,
>> but can't get n_input_params (see tests/
>> I gave up this issue and  clear asignee.
>> I want somebody's help.
> ok, I' try it and see if I can help
>> Next I will try first issue,
>>  - add multiple transactions per connection management
>> if Philippe is not work so heavily about it.
>> May I try it ? Philippe
> you're welcome, I didn't start really working on this
> so if you can do it, please do