Subject ANN: PowerConsole 0.7
Author Pavel Cisar

I'm happy to announce the public release of PowerConsole v0.7.

What is PowerConsole
In short, PowerConsole is enhanced python interpreter that can host user
defined commands. Uses pyparsing-based grammars for user commands to
translate them into python calls, so it has limited support for mixing
them with Python code.

Basic ready to use CLI interpreter included.

You may ask how it's related to Firebird? Well, PowerConsole is the
evolution of Firebird PowerTool I presented at Firebird Conference 2006.
( It's the
universal execution engine for user commands, and new Firebird PowerTool
is build on top of it as plugin (command package). Actually, the
Firebird QA tool set is being rewritten on top of it too. Both
expansions are still in development so they're not on PyPI yet, but you
may taste them by installing pwcfb (Firebird PowerTool) or pwcfbqa (QA
package) from the PowerConsole download area (use easy_install with -f
option to point to it).

You're comments are welcome. The core is considered stable, and you can
start to develop your own commands for it :-)

Python 2.5 or 2.6
kinterbasdb (for firebird and qa expansions)
qmtest (for qa expansion)
other dependencies are resolved by easy_install, however
cheetah-community-edition (for qa expansion) must be taken from *our*
site (use the -f switch).

Use easy_install from python setuptools package to download and install
it. If you don't have setuptools installed yet, download and run next
python script:


best regards
Pavel Cisar
IBPhoenix & Firebird QA