Subject table name in cursor description
Author dwich_cz
Hi guys,
I use FB a lot. I use it with PHP and now I'm switching to Python.

I use a PHP function which returns
information about result, such as field's table name. When executing
SELECT with JOIN, it allows me to see what table is certain field from.

Simplified example with two tables: users (id, name); departments (id,
SELECT * FROM users LEFT JOIN departments
returns one resultset with four columns: id, name, id, name.

With PHP function mentioned above, I can map the result to array like this
print $data['user']['name']
print $data['department']['name']
Quite handy for large SELECTs with multiple JOINs. Each table has it's
own "namespace".

The question is: Is there any way to retrieve column's table name in
kinterbasdb? I tried to find it but I couldn't. Thanks for any advice
as this is would help me a lot.