Subject Re: [firebird-php] php 7.3 ibase_connect bug #72175
Author Lester Caine
On 30/12/2018 16:04, tonne1@... [firebird-php] wrote:
> Zitat von "Lester Caine lester@... [firebird-php]"
> <>:
>> On 30/12/2018 14:34, tonne1@... [firebird-php] wrote:
>>> I'm happy to test bugfixes. ibase_connect has worked until php 7.0.3.
>> Are you sure on that? I thought the problem predated even that,
> I went from php 5.4 straight to 7.3, but several commentators in
> confirmed that the bug did not
> exist in php 5.6 and was introduced with 7.0.3. One commentator
> claimed that 7.0.0 was still ok. If it helps with bugfixing, I can
> setup some xampp environments to verify exactly which was the last
> working version, starting from 7.0.0.
>> but personally I only use a singleton connection to each database so
>> don't see the problem myself.
> It is easy to reproduce, just use one of my code snippets.
> Regardless of other issues which might be involved here, like garbage
> collection, ibase_connect must not invalidate any other resource.
> Actually no function should have such side-effects, plus unlimited in
> scope.
> Lets say you want to monitor a query using the $mon-tables. You just
> can't if ibase_connect kills your initial connection.

I did try and debug just what was changed, but some of the reports
related to the driver being broken for a lot longer. That is it does not
conform to the standards introduced post 5.4 and it was perhaps lucky
that it worked at all. Various PHP people would simply like to drop it!

I've not been able to access the code base myself for some time. Marius
applied fixes around early 2015 to bring things in line, but neither of
us really understand the PHP side of things enough to know just what is
broken here although comments IN the code suggest it's something to do
with the way the resources are stored now against how they were in 5.4

I understand that it needs fixing, but it is working fine for me so the
incentive to spend even more time trying to get back in is not really
there ... to be honest if I start getting more problems with PHP7 itself
I will simply drop back to 5.6 and I'm still running 5.2 although I've
now only got a couple of sites running that which will probably be
switched off this year. Clients are simply getting there kids to do the
websites on the likes of GoDaddy so there is no money to be made
reworking the legacy stuff :(

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