Subject Re: [firebird-php] Firebird 3 with PHP 7 ubuntu
Author Lester Caine
On 15/05/17 21:57, Leonardo Procopio leonardolp@... [firebird-php]
> Thanks for the feedback.
> I installed Firebird without problem, but I can not install
> the PDO driver for PHP.
> What are you using to access Firebird 3 with PHP?

Leonardo - I am in much the same place as you ... I'm running many PHP
powered systems which run happily on Firebird 2.x but as yet I have not
managed to get a connection to the FB3 server. I've been trying to get
the FB3 install switched back to 'legacy' security but as yet I've not
actually managed to achieve that. Add to this the problems of keeping up
with the work needed to get legacy code running with PHP7 ... I'm still
running PHP5.4 and FB2.5 in production ... and I don't ACTUALLY use PDO ;)

I'm not sure if the changes in FB3 would warrant a proper separation of
the fbird_ generic driver from ibase_ one, and then update the
pdo_firebird driver to recognise the FB3 changes which may also require
a separate pdo_interbase driver. I'm getting to an age when having to
rework code every few weeks for very little gain is a pain in the
posterior and I include the mess that is the current Linux desktop!
Which is just as bad as Windows 10 now :( So keeping a perfectly stable
web server system has a lot of attractions ...

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