Subject Firebird 3 with PHP 7 ubuntu
Author Leonardo Procopio
I installed Firebird 3 on the ubuntu server, installed PHP 7 and I am trying to access the DB with PDO.
I installed the PDO with the command apt-get install php7.0-pdo-firebird
But when I try to access with the code:
<? Php
print_r (PDO::getAvailableDrivers ());
echo '<hr>';
$PDO = new PDO ('firebird:dbname=;charset=WIN1252', $user, $pass);
print_r($ PDO->getAttribute(PDO::ATTR_CONNECTION_STATUS));

Array ([0] => firebird [1] => mysql)
SQLSTATE [HY000] [335544472] Your user name and password are not defined. Ask your database administrator to set up a Firebird login.

I noticed that when I ran the command: apt-get install php7.0-pdo-firebird
He installed /usr/lib/firebird/2.5

What am I doing wrong?
Doing this remotely with ibexpert I can connect without error.

Attempting to connect to:
Connecting ... Passed!
Server version: LI-V6.3.0.32483 Firebird 3.0
Attempting to connect to services manager ... Passed!
Disconnecting from database ... Passed!