Subject Re: [firebird-php] (unknown)
Author Lester Caine
On 20/09/16 08:33, Giacomo Quinti giacomo.quinti@...
[firebird-php] wrote:
> Firebird have to open "from scratch" a connection each time. I found
> that a solution could be the use of a persistent connection, in this
> case the access to the database become without delay... but I think this
> could be a solution just for a small number of users connected (so a
> small number of database for me), otherwise the server will be in
> overload... looking for in the firebird 3 reference I haven't found the
> real limits in superserver mode...

Having been using Firebird since Interbase days I'm more than happy with
the way it works, and being able to 'package' the data for each database
in it's own directory along with nightly automatic backups I find it an
ideal solution for PHP websites. Each website can be backed up to a
secondary server simply via the backup file, rsynced with the storage
directory. pconnect is useful for heavily used sites, but simply opening
a database when it is needed is not a major overhead especially if that
is on a dedicated database machine, separated from the web services.

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