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Author Giacomo Quinti

thank's to Christophe and Lester Caine,

I found the real problem is the one described by Lester: "Databases are not already 'connected' to the server application in firebird like they are in mysql so you have to open that connection.".

Firebird have to open "from scratch" a connection each time. I found  that a solution could be the use of a persistent connection, in this case the access to the database become without delay... but I think this could be a solution just for a small number of users connected (so a small number of database for me), otherwise the server will be in overload... looking for in the firebird 3 reference I haven't found the real limits in superserver mode...

so, thank you again.


Il 16/09/2016 20:26, '.Christophe DERENNE' ch.derenne@... [firebird-php] ha scritto:
I've no expérience with pdo : I always use native drivers.

But with native drivers, mysql is always the slowest, Firebird is not the fastest but not so far.


2016-09-16 12:02 GMT+02:00 Lester Caine lester@... [firebird-php] <>:

On 16/09/16 10:14, Giacomo Quinti giacomo.quinti@...
[firebird-php] wrote:
> is the pdo driver for firebird so slower than the pdo driver for mysql?
> is it in a development upgrade? some one can test this problem in other
> installation to compare the two different pdo drivers?

Quick post as I am going out ...

I don't use PDO sticking with the generic drivers. Many other drivers
are slow in PDO as it tries to make other databases work like the lowest
common denominator - mysql.

Given the major differences in the way security is handled in mysql and
Firebird the difference does not surprise me, and it's query performance
which is more important. Most of the time I am running databases on
another machines so network traffic is more of a delay, and I suspect
mysql is bypassing that in this case. Databases are not already
'connected' to the server application in firebird like they are in mysql
so you have to open that connection.

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