Subject PHP7
Author Lester Caine
It has been some considerable time since I actually played with PHP
source code. Was probably 5.1.x days trying to get the blob bugs cleared
up which eventually happened in 5.1.6, and I've been building both
Windows and Linux local copies while PHP were not including them in
later builds of PHP. But the latest problem is PHP7 and not only the
php_interbase extension, but a couple of others I use such as MagickWand. is a clean start using my now well
established development framework of Mercurial, BeyondCompare and
Eclipse. Not actually got as far as a working build yet ... but I am a
lot further through than I have been for a while and hope to have a
working PHP7 powered nginx in parallel with the PHP5.4 version. I've
still not moved forwrd from 5.4 since I STILL have a lot of 5.2 sites
which will not run yet on 5.4. There is a lot to be said for NOT
upgrading versions every year. I've still got FB1.5 on a couple of sites
which are working fine with PHP5.2 ...

So the question ... anything in FB3 that warrants inclusion in the php
interface? The PHP developers don't think Firebird/Interbase is being
used simply becuase there has been no reason to change anything in 10
years ... What happens has changed, but the results still only need the
same set of boxes?

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