Subject Re: [firebird-php] Client library name and location
Author Lester Caine
Steve Rayner wrote:
> If you are only supporting Firebird the library should be called
> php_firebird, not php_interbase.
> I'm glad you are supporting firebird. The php and firebird communities
> should work more closely together, both can benefit.
> I would like to see a firebird extension shipped with php for all
> platforms.To encourage the use of Firebird. The last time I installed php
> on Windows firebird (interbase_php) had been removed from the installer.

php_interbase has been restored to windows builds, but unofficial builds are
often preferred anyway. There is currently no difference between interbase and
firebird at the driver level, but it would be nice to finally separate the
fbird_ functions from ibase_ ones with a separate build of the driver.

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