Subject Client library name and location
Author Emil Totev

I remember once the php_interbase extension used to look for a
GDS32.DLL client library. I was surprised now to discover that the
latest php 5.3.15 is trying to load FBCLIENT.DLL. I went through the
PHP chngelog but couldn't find any reference to this change. Can
anybody tell when was that done and why? What if I wanted to use
php_interbase with "real" Interbase?

Could php_interbase at least be taught how to find the client library
in the Firebird installation BIN directory?

The reason why I am complaining is that I already have a copy of
fbclient in the installation directory, another one renamed as
GDS32.DLL in the windows\system32 directory (for compatibility
reasons), and now PHP wants me to put yet another copy in its
extensions directory or somewhere on the system path. And then I have
to remember to upgrade them all... (I am using 2.5 SC embedded

And this brings me to a more general question - is there a "correct"
way to locate the firebird client library? There was a registry
setting once, I remember...