Subject Re: [firebird-php] Client library name and location
Author .Christophe DERENNE
As you said :
> The reason why I am complaining is that I already have a copy of
> fbclient in the installation directory, another one renamed as
> GDS32.DLL in the windows\system32 directory (for compatibility
> reasons), and now PHP wants me to put yet another copy in its
> extensions directory or somewhere on the system path. And then I have
> to remember to upgrade them all... (I am using 2.5 SC embedded
> actually).

In fact, we use it when an application use Firebird Database but connecting
with Interbase Component (Ex Delphi Application with TIB... component
connecting to Firebird database).

If this is the reason why you have to copy fbcliend.dll to gds32.dll, I
don't know if you will be abble to use another application connecting to
interbase database, perhaps moving the gds32 copy of fbclient in te
application directory instead the system32 dir, but not sure.



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