Subject Re: ***SPAM*** [firebird-php] Using Firebird with InterBase 6 Databases via PHP
Author jackdmason19
We have four InterBase 6 servers, one for each of our retail stores. All four have static IP addresses. At present, our web pages use a REST command (via Apache) to query/post the dominant server, which then parcels out the InterBase SQL as needed to the other InterBase servers. When the query/post is completed, the dominant server returns the data to the web page (via Apache).

We would like to have the web pages directly query/post the particular InterBase server they need (via PHP/InterBase/Firebird) with something like the following:

$SQL ="INSERT INTO PASTORDERS (CUST_ID, DATE_ORDERED, QTY, STOCKNO, WHO_ORDERED, LISTPRICE, DEPOSIT, DISCOUNT, TITLEID) VALUES("; $SQL.="'".$ID."','".$Now."','".$Quantity."','".$EAN."','WEB','".$List. "','".$Deposit."','".$Discount."','".$TitleID."')";
file_put_contents('SQL2.txt', $SQL, FILE_APPEND);
$DBRecord=ibase_query($SalesDB, $SQL) or Catch_Err('Add Past Order');

The above is an example of currently working code from a script that runs on our dominant InterBase 6 server. We would like to be able to run that script directly from our web page.

Can we do this with the PHP Firebird interface?