Subject Re: ***SPAM*** [firebird-php] Using Firebird with InterBase 6 Databases via PHP
Author Lester Caine
jackdmason19 wrote:
> We have InterBase6 databases with no stored procedures. Our web hosting company is unclear on how to set up InterBase access from PHP, but claims to have set up Firebird access.
> Can we use Firebird via PHP to access our InterBase 6 databases for queries and posts without doing any conversions to our databases? We have four retail stores using InterBase 6 and cannot convert the databases significantly without destroying their operation.

How are you currently accessing the databases?
Where are they currently being 'served' from?

If it is only via PHP, then there should be no problem as the 'Firebird' driver
for PHP is actually still called php_interbase, but you would need Interbase
running to 'server' the database to PHP.

Moving forward though I would strongly recommend backing up the databases on the
existing Interbase 6 server(s) and restoring them onto a Firebird base. As long
as no 'new' Interbase facilities have been used there will be no difference in
operation. Some of my own historic data goes back to IB5 days ...

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