Subject Re: Zend Framework
Author p51b.mustang
It didn't dawn on me that it was part of the test side but I did think an empty URL field was a bit suspicious. I am only patching the main code temporarily just to determine where things are going wrong. Ditto regarding the database, if I can remove NotNulls in the short term just see the record data as part of debugging. I only too aware that the current form is working for you so I am starting from the point of view that me or my environment may have problems.
I can say I use Firebird extensively and my server is certainly slowing piwik down when it comes to displaying the widgets, it's now slower than the MySQL version - something I'm not use to :-(
--- In, Lester Caine <lester@...> wrote:
> p51b.mustang wrote:
> > Again, I'll have to set some traps as it looks as if the global date setting is becoming corrupted.
> >
> > Looking at the config there is some kind of debug log that I need to understand as it will save me a lot of time patching the php code to find errors (of any).
> I've done nothing with the test although the majority do run. The 'generator'
> you are referring to is part of the test package so may well need modifying to
> match the changes in the main program :( I would not be changing the program at
> all to fix your errors, but looking at why the generator is creating the wrong
> data. It will probably be bypassing the normal program processing.
> I jumped straight in an populated with data direct from a few websites so that
> is the only way I have tested it ... so the main program is processing 'null'
> and the like where needed.
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