Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: Zend Framework
Author Lester Caine
p51b.mustang wrote:
> Thanks.
> I had got around the upgrade problem by simply setting '1.7-b1' in the version-core option, then when going to settings I had to add anonymous user to the table (not a firebird authority just data) to get around that problem.
> Currently I am generating test data via the plugin. It is still running and some data is being generated but the log is showing problems with creating 'goals' firebird Unknown Token or arithmetic exception (which tends to be a varchar string length issue). I have managed to get some displays of the sql while not interrupting the data generation. When it finishes I'll look into it.
Damian is using goals on his sites ... he was showing me how they work last
night. I'm sure there is a lot more I've not actually found yet :)

> Also, once the generation is finished, I'll replace all the code with the one you provided below (i.e. ). The second link was broken which might be what you are referring to.
Yep - the other rewrites are working perfectly, so not sure why that one is
being a pain. It is working on the other servers.

> Not too sure about the bounce, was it a direct email or just a file upload to this group.
I'd just emailed the file to your gmail account - probably too big :(

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