Subject Re: Zend Framework
Author p51b.mustang
Thanks Lester,
For your quick response and providing the files. I'll run the install and get back to you if I have any problems; I trust I won't have any :-)
Have a good day,
David Lindsey

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> p51b.mustang wrote:
> > Hi Lester,
> > Long time since I spoke to you regarding this; I had to rewrite one of my apps for a customer in Zend and Firebird 2.5 which was fairly urgent [well the customer thought so:-) ].
> > Do you have a zip copy of your current Piwik for firebird? The last copy I have is February and when I went to generate data it started to fall apart so I thought I would bother you:-) for a more recent version and start over.
> for a zip of the current 'head'
> It has been updated with the latest piwik code, but it still needs 'help' when
> creating a new database. It may be worth me running a clean backup of the one
> I'm running here. I've got some 20 sites being tracked currently and have piwik
> on two machines working back into a single database. Planning on adding two more
> machines next month.
> is
> up to date. All I did when running the original install was to create a blank
> database, allow piwik's installed to build the tables, but then replace that
> with the schema script to add the missing generators and triggers ;) ... but
> I've not tested it since Feb, so just shout if anything pops up.
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