Subject Re: Zend Framework
Author p51b.mustang
Hi Lester,
Long time since I spoke to you regarding this; I had to rewrite one of my apps for a customer in Zend and Firebird 2.5 which was fairly urgent [well the customer thought so :-) ].
Do you have a zip copy of your current Piwik for firebird? The last copy I have is February and when I went to generate data it started to fall apart so I thought I would bother you :-) for a more recent version and start over.

Any chance?
David Lindsey

--- In, Lester Caine <lester@...> wrote:
> Tom Conlon wrote:
> > Yes, using it here but use ibase_query() type functions for db acess.
> Finally tracked the problem, and I've been here before ... and thought that it
> HAD been fixed!
> ibase_execute() when there are not enough parameters simply crashes PHP ... and
> even wrapping it in a 'try' block does not help. So we need to look at that at
> some point. I've fixed the problem in Zend, but it needs a little more work yet
> as well.
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