Subject Re: [firebird-php] Support of Firebird out of the box.
Author Roberto Carlos
For me, as beginner on PHP, it feels like ibase represents the past and tends to be discontinued. And PDO would represent the future.
I usually read complains about both compared with drivers for other RDBMS.
Drupal and Wordpress have initiatives to use Firebird (via PDO), but works are slow due to difficults on using PDO_Firebird driver. Sometimes it does not behave as expectaded.

Usually the examples for PHP are on MySQL, sometimes on PostgreSQL and rarely on Firebird.
Convert MySQL driver examples to ibase is very difficult for beginners because it demands extra knowledge both on Firebird and PHP (json/xml/jquery/ajax)...
It is also difficult to find articles (or free/paid courses) on PHP/Firebird.

For a recent example, search Robert Carlos's post on

Do you have any information on how ibase and PDO for Firebird are maintained? Both are actively maintained?
Is there a better solution?
Do you know blogs with good articles on PHP/Firebird?



Em 30/10/2012 19:24, Lester Caine < lester@... > escreveu:

Roberto Carlos wrote:
> Have you used ibase ou PDO driver to connect to Firebird out of the box?

I don't use PDO normally. piwik uses it for MySQL and Postgres via ZendDB, but
ibase driver direct under ZendDB works even better.

I use ADOdb and have 'restored' a number of projects to ADOdb where the core
programmers screwed everything up by going to PDO :) ADOdb will run PDO if you
want and was what I was using to test the pdo_firebird but it is slower than
using ibase direct.

webcalendar is a nice clean generic driver 'abstraction' using ibase and the
like - no PDO.

> Em 30/10/2012 15:22, Lester Caine < lester@... > escreveu:
> I'm wondering if there is a list anywhere that identifies php packages that
> support Firebird 'out of the box'? I was looking for some calendar code to merge
> with bitweaver and found which IS
> working apparently perfectly on my development server. It's throwing a few
> warnings due to PHP5.4 but it's install once I fixed a missing comma!
> Given the thousands of MySQL only packages is it worth starting to document
> these more flexible packages when we find them?

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