Subject Re: [firebird-php] Support of Firebird out of the box.
Author Lester Caine
Roberto Carlos wrote:
> Have you used ibase ou PDO driver to connect to Firebird out of the box?

I don't use PDO normally. piwik uses it for MySQL and Postgres via ZendDB, but
ibase driver direct under ZendDB works even better.

I use ADOdb and have 'restored' a number of projects to ADOdb where the core
programmers screwed everything up by going to PDO :) ADOdb will run PDO if you
want and was what I was using to test the pdo_firebird but it is slower than
using ibase direct.

webcalendar is a nice clean generic driver 'abstraction' using ibase and the
like - no PDO.

> Em 30/10/2012 15:22, Lester Caine < lester@... > escreveu:
> I'm wondering if there is a list anywhere that identifies php packages that
> support Firebird 'out of the box'? I was looking for some calendar code to merge
> with bitweaver and found which IS
> working apparently perfectly on my development server. It's throwing a few
> warnings due to PHP5.4 but it's install once I fixed a missing comma!
> Given the thousands of MySQL only packages is it worth starting to document
> these more flexible packages when we find them?

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