Subject Re: [firebird-php] Android tablets?
Author Lester Caine
marius adrian popa wrote:
>> I'm currently battling with the problem of wireless access to the internet here
>> > in the Cotswolds. Even a reliable 2G connection is hit and miss in many of the
>> > villages around here. I can only get a reliable 3D connection going up on the
>> > top of the near by ridge.
>> >
>> > SO - I need to be able to provide access to the database on a mobile device in
>> > such a way that if the link is down it will use a local copy. I've got a crude
>> > setup on the laptop, but ideally I need to move it over to a tablet which is
>> > more practical. They actually HAVE IPad's but given the problems with those
>> > reliability wise they have asked me to look at an alternative ... Simply putting
>> > a real version of Linux on an Android tablet may be the quickest approach, but
>> > has anybody got any practical experience in this area? Anybody using PHP with
>> > Android?
> I only have read about the scripting for android , i didn't tested
> but you can install and create full apk , for database access use rest/json
>> >
>> > What is more annoying is my legacy windows stuff has done this transparently for
>> > coming on 20 years but porting THAT over is probably considerably more work:(
> For now you can create full native apps without any java crap inside
> (starting with gingerbread)
> so i guess it become easier to do the firebird port

Actually it looks like I can avoid android which is much better. No reason why
any of these tablets need to be crippled with the restricted versions that
google punt :) I don't see why I should have to pay for something which THEY are
getting free anyway ... I have MeeGo running on my phone so I'd rather say with
that path anyway.

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