Subject Android tablets?
Author Lester Caine
I'm currently battling with the problem of wireless access to the internet here
in the Cotswolds. Even a reliable 2G connection is hit and miss in many of the
villages around here. I can only get a reliable 3D connection going up on the
top of the near by ridge.

SO - I need to be able to provide access to the database on a mobile device in
such a way that if the link is down it will use a local copy. I've got a crude
setup on the laptop, but ideally I need to move it over to a tablet which is
more practical. They actually HAVE IPad's but given the problems with those
reliability wise they have asked me to look at an alternative ... Simply putting
a real version of Linux on an Android tablet may be the quickest approach, but
has anybody got any practical experience in this area? Anybody using PHP with

What is more annoying is my legacy windows stuff has done this transparently for
coming on 20 years but porting THAT over is probably considerably more work :(

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