Subject Cloud Application - Single DB or Multiple DBs
Author Balagopal
Hi !

I am seeking some expert opinion on the Database architecture for a cloud application that we are planning to develop using Firebird and PHP.

This is a small application (max 5 or 6 tables) and we expect to have hundreds of customers over a period of time.

Initially we thought of having separate databses for each customer. Now we feel that a single DB would do (from the data size point of view).

What is the general rule followed in such situations? Will there be any performance problems when hundreds of databases are opened simultaneously? On the other hand, won't the safety be compromised when a single database is used?

What is the max number (practical) of databses that can be under a single FB instance?

We are considering Amazone EC2 for this.

Thanking you in advance and with best regards,