Subject Re: good news everyone : Firebird driver will be back in php 5.3.4
Author ettotev
--- In, "Lars" <lfeliz@...> wrote:
> Thanks for this.
> I am starting to work with Yii PHP Framework which utilizes PDO for database access. IS PDO suppport available/working on Linux for Firebird? Have used ADOdb a bit with Firebird. I no longer use MYSQL and only use Firebird for new projects and also looking at PostgreSQL as an alternative.
> - Lou

PDO support for firebird is marked as "experimental" and known to have bugs. Still it *might* work for you.
Yii does not fully support firebird, for ActiveRecord and stuff you need Firebird schema. There is an unofficial version somewhere, search the Yii forums.
I have also started to use Yii and am working on a way to bypass PDO and use the php_interbase driver instead. This is WIP at the moment.

Good luck!