Subject Re: Php-firebird relationship
Author Myles Wakeham
Andre van Zuydam wrote:

>I would just like to point out that on the Ubuntu Linux distribution
one can with a single apt-get line install a full working Apache + PHP +
Firebird environment.

True, but people who develop in PHP need a place to host their web
application - not just develop it. Its not normally hosted from their
desktop development system. Its the hosting services that need to be
evangelized for this, and typically they are not running Ubuntu on their
servers - its OS distros like CentOS, Debian (pure), etc. that we need
to be included in, IMHO.

Then the likes of cPanel will see it, add it as a 'standard DB option',
and you've got hosting companies offering Firebird hosting inexpensively
to folks who will consider it.

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