Subject Re: [firebird-php] Php-firebird relationship
Author Lester Caine
Jean Lopes - TSA wrote:
> I´m from Brazil and a Firebird enthusiat.
> I would like to see again PHP&Firebird together in a easy way
> (download´n´install).
> Who we can notify to try to turn this a reality again ?

Well the original guide is now well out of date

The updated version is
but needs some further work to bring the versions up to date, and produce a 32
bit version.

This guide is intended to get one to a fully working system with some useful
Firebird related content.

This was being developed on the Firebird wiki, but that is no longer active,
only the backup exists. which has other 'Firebird with PHP' pages. If the
wiki is not going to be reinstated that I'll move the backup to a more
accessible server ...

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