Subject Re: [firebird-php] 2 FB versions running concurrently + php5isapi vs php.exe anomaly
Author Lester Caine
tomsee7 wrote:
> Currently running 2 versions of FB (1.5& 2.1) on different ports.
> All's fine and dandy in the 2 windows apps that each use these ports. Also 2.1 is used by a website and that's ok too (using php5isapi.dll) plus flamerobin also.
> However, the problem is that a console app is also running periodically and although it uses the same PHP connection settings as the website it cannot connect and keeps giving the Warning: ibase_connect(): Unable to complete network request to host "" Failed to locate host machine. Undefined service 13050/tcp.
> I tried different ports, vs, entries in services, changed values in firebird.conf but no joy:(
> Any thoughts/similar experience?
Well the first thought would be '13050'? The default for Firebird is 3050, and
the older builds are probably expecting that. I'd probably change the 1.5 server
back to 3050 and see if that helps. Alternatively ensure that the latest client
is all that is available in the path. Delete any older versions.

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