Subject Re: [firebird-php] Problems with PHP 5.3.3 on Gentoo Linux
Author Lester Caine
Matthias Hanft wrote:
> I guess this leads to an implicit transaction which is auto-committed at the
> end of the PHP script (which is OK in this case), but I'd rather use explicit
> transactions (and if changing all my PHP scripts to implicit transactions, I
> would have to rewrite tons of code...)
> Has the ibase_trans call changed with PHP 5.3? I have written my PHP code as
> in ("User Contributed
> Notes") - using ibase_prepare with the transaction, not the link identifier.
> But when the transaction start already crashes...

Curious. I use transactions via ADOdb's transaction handling, but I have to
admit that more often that not I simply disable it since one is never keeping
transactions open between 'pages' in PHP. I'm rather heavily into adding a new
package in bitweaver, but I'll check out what is going on in that while I am

IBASE_DEFAULT *IS* wrong, and I supply my own settings.

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