Subject Fun with PHP
Author Lester Caine
Well I've just spent a couple of days trying to rebuild a FLAP server.
No problems Firebird, Apache was almost painless, but PHP is a right pain!

SUSE is now pushing 5.3 out and the 'ignore' would not work. Building
everything I needed from source was step by step, but is now all
installed and running. But has the problem with the blob_id
and this is a clean copy of 5.2.11 direct from the PHP site. I can
simply work around it on ADOdb so it's not a problem yet, but the other
SUSE machine with a copy of 5.2.9 is working fine. And both are x64 AMD

I'll pull the code from the other machine and see if I can run a compare
to spot any differences.

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