Subject Ongoing distribution saga ....
Author Lester Caine
OK I've bounced through a few more distributions now and none was ideal
for the development machines :(
However I have ended up with Fedora 11 on a box, and almost everything
installed from the distribution ...
Apache 2.2.13, PHP 5.2.9 and Firebird 2.1.3 along with Flamerobin all there.
Had to start httpd and xinetd manually, but I think that is sensible.

Only thing missing was, but I've cloned that from the SUSE
machine along with an interbase.ini and pinched a copy of my phpinfo.php
and everything is running as far as that is concerned, but when trying
to connect via PHP I'm getting a problem. ibtest.php is giving me an
unable to find localhost, yet flamerobin is connecting fine.

Is this likely to mean that I need to rebuild on this machine?

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