Subject Re: Exporting to Excel from PHP firebird and Importing from excel to a database
Author Reinhard Neidl
--- In, "pirulo64" <pirulo64@...> wrote:
> I'm a new to firebird I need a way to export my web report php to excel
> and import to from excel to a database users new this ability to do it
> but most important is export.
> thanks for you help
> firebird baby
check out:
Pear-Extenstion: Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer
require_once 'Spreadsheet/Excel/Writer.php'; //PEAR-Packet

class gutschriftenexcel extends Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer{
private curLine = 0;
//implement the functions you need
function addDebitGrid(array $myDebitGrid){

function nextLine($offset = 1){
$this->curLine = $this->curLine+intval($offset);
return $this->getLine();

function getLine(){
return $this->curLine;