Subject Re: How not to show IP number on navigator address bar
Author rc.199011
I agree with you about the possibility of fraud.

Anyway, thanks for your help.

Roberto Carlos

--- In, Lester Caine <lester@...> wrote:
> Roberto Carlos wrote:
> > (1) My site is hosted on a place that does include PHP nor Firebird.
> >
> > (2) I have PHP and Firebird on another computer that is connected to the internet, but does not have an internet domain name.
> >
> > When the user clicks on "send login and password" link (1), appears something such as "" (2), and everything else works correctly.
> >
> > Is there an HTML trick not to show IP number on navigator address bar and persist
> Having my own IP address with a DNS entry I don't have this problem - now ;)
> Part of the answer is linked to the problem of people trying to commit fraud
> by pretending that they are a different legitimate site. In this case we do
> not want to allow them to 'hide' their real location :(
> I don't believe you can do anything on your local computer, the hosting
> machine has to be able to forward your page requests to your local machine, so
> if ALL the hosting is doing is redirecting to the //200.200 address then I
> don't think you can change it - but I may be wrong! In which case someone will
> step in and correct me.
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