Subject Re: [firebird-php] How make a back up from php?
Author masotti
Oscar DarĂ­o Perdiguero ha scritto:

> Thanks you by your answer and sorry by delay in my reply. I was trying
> to write in english.
You're my friend. :)
> 2) there isn't a missprinting in the name of the back up. If you see at
> that line, you'll see that the path for the source is diferent than the
> one for the back up.
There is a special reason not using aliases? I'd prefer, as I'm not sure
what happens with spaces or long names in filenames within PHP drivers.
I hope that long filenames and spaces in directory names don't matter,
but I don't remember if there are specific tests in PHP suite for that.
> 3) Yes I'm using D4PHP but I'm coding, not using the VCL components and
In D4PHP you can try to sobstitute php_interbase.dll with more recent
5.2.10 in
C:\Programmi\CodeGear\Delphi for PHP\2.0\php\ext
Rename the old version to something as php_interbase_old.dll, and
"\Programmi" is the italian localization for "\Program Files". Spanish
localization is different, but don't remember it.
> 5) Can I write in spanish in this forum? and to you?
It's a .mx support list (not .es), but I think it's almost the same.

> Any other idea?
With PHP ibase_backup() I have only this strange problem: seems that I
have to wait until backup has completely finished before doing something
else with driver.
I've not digged that a lot, because on that server there's a old 5.0.4
PHP, then put a sleep of ten seconds between a backup and the next in my
script (I've many small databases on that server), because
ibase_backup() returns immediatly, but backup is only started, not
finished yet.