Subject How make a back up from php?
Author Oscar Darío Perdiguero
Hi. My name is Darío and I'm needing some help to put to work the
following code

Please help me and forgive me my english.

function BackUp()
$host = "whitegandalf";
$username = "SYSDBA";
$password = "masterkey";
$charset = "NONE";
$base = "C:\SysAdmin\Sistemas\Repositorio SA\Herramientas

$resource_service_handle = ibase_service_attach ($host,
$username, $password);
if ($resource_service_handle)
ibase_backup($resource_service_handle, $base,
'C:\SysAdmin\Sistemas\Repositorio SA\Herramientas
ibase_service_detach ($resource_service_handle);

but I'm having this error.

Warning: ibase_backup() [function.ibase-backup]: unassigned code in
C:\Documents and Settings\SysAdmin\Mis documentos\Delphi for PHP
Projects\firebirdbackup.php on line 23

Thanks in advance