Subject Re: [firebird-php] (nessun oggetto)
Author Lester Caine
Vlad Khorsun wrote:
>> Vlad Khorsun wrote:
>>>> For those willing to create a better cooperation effort (Vlad?), I'm
>>>> idling on freenode and I'm still open to any solution. I'm also still
>>>> ready to help anyone asking for help.
>>> Well, what about my offer to use binaries supplied with FB for
>>> development and QA ?
>>> Probably i'm lost in long past discussions, so, please, could you
>>> summarize the issue and possible solition(s) as you see it now ?
>> Vlad - I have an x86 client compiled on VC9 using the current CVS head.
> It is still in Beta (while very close to RC)...

I could use the framework to build any older client code now ;)

>> The only problem I have is that the control panel app will not compile
>> as I only have the free version of VSExpress.
> You don't need CPL applet ;)

Exactly - but ti would have been nice ...

>> There should be no problem
>> with that DLL accessing older versions of Firebird?
> It must work fine, except of local protocol and 1.5.x server.

I am assuming at present that embedded server is not going to be used
with PHP5.3 even though it runs nicely on PHP5.2 ....

>> It is working
>> happily into an x64 distribution of FB2.1.2 on the Vista64 box from my
>> W2k php server.
>> I can't do an x64 build of the same thing as again VSExpress does not
>> allow it, although I do believe that if we could bypass VS, the SDK
>> could then handle it the same way that php is now built. It is using VS
>> projects for the non-visual stuff that is causing the problem :(
> You could ask DY to build VC9 versions of HEAD but i doubt it is OK to
> distribute beta version...
> BTW, if we wouldn't reach agreement with PHP team - how difficult is to
> build PHP extension by ourself and distribute it with Firebird ? Is it possible ?
> I.e. is extension is open sourced and available for everyone ?

We have already built what we needed for PHP5.3, including a version
that goes with the x64 builds of windows. The only real problem is the
same as every other php extension ... every time they up issue, the
extension has to be recompiled with a different PHP version number :(
Extensions like eaccelerator have to go through the hoop every time
which is why having it built WITH PHP is advantageous. That one is still
not available for PHP5.3.

So I doubt that it could be distributed WITH Firebird, but it can be
available like Jaybird and all the other interfaces? Although I don't
think we hit the version problem with the Linux builds that
we provide so I'm not quite sure exactly what the problem is.

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