Subject Outstanding PHP5 bugs
Author Lester Caine
I've been looking at the bug list again, and actually updating some of
them ...

BLOB functions do not work on 64bit systems
I am not seeing a problem on the x64 Linux machine with 5.2.9 or on the
Win64 machine, so I've posted a note asking people to identify where
they are seeing the problem. My hack to get around it was removed about
5.2.6 time and I've not been seeing a problem since.

cannot insert image file blob_id in the table
PHP5.2.5 is probably one of the builds covered by 42266. We are loading
and reading pdf and other file formats without a problem? So this can be
killed. Nobody is having problems with using blobs with 5.2.9?
I think we sorted some one out on the list last week who is now happily
displaying pdf's from blobs!

Unable to complete network request to host
I don't think we actually established that the remote server was even
visible to the PHP machine? Since the key information - the connection
string for ibase_connect - there is not a lot that can actually be
tested. Everyone else is able to connect to remote servers?

PHP crashes while receiving an ibase event
Pass - I use php via page loads, so I would not know how to set up a
stand alone application to to respond to events ;)

ibase.timeformat won't work when any of %H %M %S missing
Testing so far is not giving me a problem, on windows, so I need to dig
a little deeper. I need to reconfigure the Linux box so I can debug the
test script - it keeps giving me a white screen :(

ibase_execute error in return param
OK - I agree with the report, but I wonder if the action as documented
is actually correct? The query ran, but no rows were effected is
correct, but I can see the problem with '0' equating to 'false' is some
post processing, however having to check for numeric or boolean return
seems equally wrong? ( ibase_query works the same way so needs the
same fixes )
Now that I have a dedicated machine for playing with PHP builds I will
start to actually look inside the code ...

After FORK Interbase doesn't work
I'll admit to having no idea what this is intending to do?
I though separate threads had to open their own database connections,
but I'm well out of my depth here ...

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