Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: PHP 5.3 compilation VC6
Author masotti
Hi Pierre,

Pierre Joye ha scritto:
> Hm, sorry but I see only about downloading the binaries and compiling
> the extension. As it may be useful in some cases, it is sadly not what
> we need. How do you build the client? Aka, download the src and
> compile the lib.
> Thanks for your efforts!
Sorry, haven't finished yet. To write correctly and with all information
needed is a time consuming process.
Ok, I've sorted out what do you mean: you intend the detailed process to
compile fbclient.dll. Forgive me, but till this morning I've
misunderstood: reading your mail it's clearer now.
I've read and followed guidelines of another libs in list (cclient
IIRC) and client library can be downloaded from repository and I
verified that the .zip files contains .h and .lib (not .dll). If
somebody needs (don't know what can be the reason in case of firebird)
there is explained howto build from sources.
I don't undestand why you need "different" or "independent" compilation
instruction for allmost free libraries in windows, when they are widely
redistributable. Maybe you have many reasons to think so, but I don't
find them actually in my mail box and don't remember detail of
discussion between Lester and you.
The big problem is that actually, for firebird, VC6 build process isn't
more maintained and isn't more in CVS, and this is well known:

2008-09-02 10:39 dimitr

* firebird2/builds/win32/compile.bat (1.4):

Cleanup. We don't support MSVC6 anymore

This was done because

building FB2.1+ with VC6 requires more than the reasonable
workarounds that were used for previous FB versions.

There are MSVC7.1 and more recent versions to let someone build
specialized versions of Firebird's engine (there are some option you can
exclude from or include in the engine), but client library has allmost
nothing to configure IIRC.
So it's best to advise Firebird's users to not recompile client lib as
there are nothing to gain from that (in a Windows environment!).
Anyway you can do it with VC9, and the process is detailed in firebird's
faq (iirc) and other useful info are detailed in
About driver php lib, obviously, it's important to detail the process to
select correct lib version from sourceforge (if not builded in VC9 from
sources), set the environment, and test the resulting php shared driver
(that actually has problems with recent Firebird version 2.1+).