Subject Re: [firebird-php] PHP 5.3 compilation VC6
Author Milan Babuskov
Lester Caine wrote:
> Borland Builder 6 uses an earlier version of MICROSOFT Windows SDK, and
> SOMETHING M$ does when installing a later SDK messes up the copy that is
> needed for BCB6 to build it's own programs!
> THAT is why I do not want to try doing that again! I have to wipe the
> BCB installation and reinstall with the dozen or so libraries I have
> used in the past and with it's own copy of the Windows SDK!
> Now this newer SDK installer may well behave itself - but I'm simply not
> willing to risk it again!

Hi Lester,

Have you considered an option to simply install Windows in a virtual
machine (running under Windows or Linux, does not matter), install MS
VisualStudio Express and build PHP there. It would only take a few GB of
your HDD and not disturb anything.

Once you test everything, you can even delete the virtual machine and
your system would be clean, like nothing has happened.


Milan Babuskov