Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: Problem in retrieving BLOB data
Author Lester Caine
bala_karat wrote:
> Hello Lester Caine,
>> Do you have FlameRobin installed?
> Yes, in fact I created this test data using FlameRobin
>> What does FlameRobin show is in the blob field?
>> Was the blob field created with SUB_TYPE 1 - since pdf is actually a
>> text based format?
> No, sub type 0
> Currently I am only testing with blob. So I created this data using FlameRobin manually - by typing some characters. My ultimate requirement is to read PDF files created by Delphi program and stored in blob.
>> Are you saying that the string you get is "[BINARY]" - in which case how
>> did you put data into the field?

Then PHP is working perfectly! I suspect THAT is what is stored ;)

If you want to play with text in blob fields, then you will need to
create a text blob field. To load binary data into a blob field I think
you have to use 'load blob from file' in FlameRobin, but there is a
discussion on the FlameRobin development list about how the in-line
editing works with blob files .... this is still work in progress.

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