Subject Problem in retrieving BLOB data
Author bala_karat
Hi !

Any problem in retriving blob data? I have been trying different combinations with no success.

For the following combination, I get the data echoed as "BINARY"

$host = "localhost:C:/BK_Share/file_test/FILE.FDB";
ibase_connect($host, "SYSDBA", "masterkey");
$result = ibase_query("select TEST from EMPLOYEEMASTER where EMPCODE = '002'");
$data = ibase_fetch_object($result);
$blob_data = ibase_blob_info($data->TEST);
$blob_hndl = ibase_blob_open($data->TEST);
echo ibase_blob_get($blob_hndl,$blob_data[0]);

The blob data is created manually - a text string. The ultimate requirement is to read pdf files stored in blob fields.

Using Apache 2.2.11(Win 32) and PHP 5.2.9-1

Thanks in advance