Subject Re: [firebird-php] Firebird, PHP on CentOS 5 again
Author Lester Caine
Anderson Farias wrote:
> Hi,
>> well thouse are the FHS rules and i guess Fedora implements them
>> this is why sometimes is easy to move from one Linux to another
>> you know that apache config must be somewhere in /etc/httpd*
> I find very easy to move from one distro to another with FB setup. It's
> aways there on /opt/firebird no matter the distro ;-)

But only if YOU installed it using the FB installation.

The point here is that where Firebird has progressed to being
'supported' by a distribution, the package may be totally screwed up
with respect to a 'standard' FB install - as demonstrated by Fedora

I've just found a copy of the FHS rules, and actually it is quite clear
... /opt SHOULD be used for additional software and each package should
be contained in it's own tree below /opt ... FHS simply does not provide
any rules as to why /usr should be used instead of /opt for additional
packages over those required by the kernel :( So we get the usual crap
of each distribution can claim to be compliant as there are no actual
rules set down in the standard TO follow!
Actually - LOCALLY installed software should be in /usr/local/ but
then isn't ALL software installed locally?

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