Subject Re: [firebird-php] Firebird, PHP on CentOS 5 again
Author Anderson Farias

> well thouse are the FHS rules and i guess Fedora implements them
> this is why sometimes is easy to move from one Linux to another
> you know that apache config must be somewhere in /etc/httpd*

I find very easy to move from one distro to another with FB setup. It's
aways there on /opt/firebird no matter the distro ;-)

> And for Linux users, putting all in /opt is silly ;)

Interesting... being a linux user for 10 years, that never ocurred to me.

> Hope oficial FB deployments never do that!
>of course not, and in that it respect FHS rules
>official RPM are "external' to distro, so are going into /opt

Good point.

Having setup linux boxes with more than one FB server version, I'd say the
*clean* current installs with everything on /opt makes the job a lot easy.

Anyway, if I understand right this sort of distribution will make good to
FB, so this is great! =) It will make it easy for most linux users to
install/upgrade/use and help spread FB setups... And for those (like me)
confortable with the FB oficial package can still go with it.

Thanks all,

Anderson Farias