Subject Re: [firebird-php] Firebird, PHP on CentOS 5 again
Author Lester Caine
Philippe Makowski wrote:
> Lester Caine [09-05-13 08.15] :
>> Does the 5.1.6 build still have the regression bugs that were finally
>> fixed around 5.2.7 ? 5.2.0 to 5.2.6 php-interbase are all faulty and
>> should not be used.
> if it is a PHP bug, perhaps, or you have to send a patch to Fedora
> but in few days you will have the choice :
> PHP 5.1.6 or PHP 5.3.0, it will be just a matter of choosing the right repository

5.3 needs work to a lot of source code and most of us have now
standardised on 5.2.x when working with Firebird. I've only just
finished moving machines from 5.0 because of the bugs in the 5.1 builds
and THAT exercise has taken 6 months so I'm not about to go to 5.3 any
time soon. 5.2.9 is now stable with the 5.0 and in many cases 4.4 ported
applications ... 5.3 is throwing up a lot more warnings - which could
probably be ignored, but when one has clean applications, warnings need
to be addressed :(

So I'm just flagging up that 5.1.6 may give errors that were not present
in 5.0.? - We need to run the Firebird test suite to confirm what is
still present. And of cause 5.3 has not ACTUALLY been released yet and
could be a few more weeks before they agree on the final changes? I do
wish they would just get on and finish PHP6 - THAT is what we need
rather than another bodge of PHP5 :(

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