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Author Gary T. Benner

HI all,

At 06:15 on 30/04/2009 Kurt wrote
>Hi, Gary.
>Sorry I was away for a bit. The "Holy War" comment was a complete joke.


>But, the second part of my question wasn't; can you address the cost of RHEL and/or support from RH. If I can get some of that free, I'd take another serious look at RHEL for my work.

The beauty of open source is that it is a business model that is service based. With Linux, and in particular the RHEL distro, if you need the service to support it you can purchase that from Red Hat.

If you have the skills to support it yourself, and / or a good support forum, you can download the source code and use it. Well the Centos group have done that, removed the proprietary logos etc, and made it available to others. Again, all part of the Open Source ethos.

My personal experience is that Centos is stable, for the most allows you do most things required these days of an up to date server. There are things you will need to find out - ie the repositories that have latest versions of PHP etc ... but with any system you need to earn your keep!!

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